V-Note Features

Get Statistics from Your Videos

V-Note can analyze timeline-based data in various ways. Calculate: player performance data, inter-rater reliability, percent overlap time between users or categories, and more.

Quick Overview of Video Details

V-Note allows you to use create and manage multiple timelines to label and organize video segments. Simply type in a label, a single key (hot key), and choose a color. Then, sit back and watch the video. Every time you see John speak, you can hit the "J" key, for example. Whenever you see a question asked, type "Q" and so on. Make as many or as few labels as you like. You can use timelines and labels with audio or video. You can also type notes in each labeled segment. V-Note iPad Edition even lets you label and organize live video or audio as it’s being recorded. (Video Here)

Organize Videos

Use the automatic movie builder to order and export labeled segments as a new video. Every time you hit the "Q" key for questions for example, you label a new segment of video. At the bottom simply choose the "Q" tab and there are all the questions playable and exportable one after the other. All labeled instances of a kind are automatically aggregated. Want to mix and match segments? There is a custom movie builder that lets you drag and drop instances into the bottom and mix your own video for playing and for export. (Video Here)

Automatically Synchronize External Audio with Video

Sometimes a camera just isn’t close enough. You need an external audio recorder. But how do you put the external audio together with the video. V-Note has the solution. V-Note analyzes the camera’s audio track and the external audio track and matches them up. Even if they don’t sound the same, V-Note is over 95% successful* at automatically synchronizing audio. V-Note even allows you to keep and play both tracks. Sometimes audio and video recording devices record at slightly different rates, called drift. V-Note corrects for drift, bringing your audio and video into perfect sync.


V-Note supports most common formats such as: H.264, .mp4, .mov, .m4v, WebM (VP8), and .wma**; Also, Mac, Windows, iPad iOS Versions are available.

Transcribe with Ease

Make and Share Transcriptions Easily. V-Note allows you to transcribe using looping - a process that plays over and over again a short 5-second (+/-) part of a video (or audio only) and advances bit by bit allowing you to hear and type details of the conversation that otherwise might escape you. You can then share, code, print, and export these. (Video Here)

Share and Compare Thinking

With our streaming services you can assign your whole class a video and compare how everyone saw things. Working with colleagues to analyze video? Want to see how your friends saw the big game and a particular player? Want to compare two clips side by side? Quite simply, V-Note lets you find out what others see when they watch the same video. Share your videos with others and they can easily stream them from anywhere in the world. They can add their own labels to your video and see your timelines and labels or not; you decide. You can easily compare your labeled segments to theirs with a quick glance and a quick replay. You can even use our streaming services for free.*** (Video Here)

Export Raw Data

V-Note can export your raw video data into programs like Microsoft Excel ® or SPSS ® for statistical or qualitative analysis. Adjust the output resolution from 1 second to 1 minute to show all your labeled segments in your data. Want to put the transcripts along side? No problem. Want to compare your label data to your colleagues or students? V-Note has you covered.

Arrange Clips from All Your Videos and Export Them

V-Note’s Multi-Project Workshop lets you set aside clips for later use with a simple click. These will still be available after closing and reopening and even within a new project. You can then reorder, export, play clips side by side, and export the clips as a new video. When you do this, you can even include the title of the original project and time snapshot as a subtitle, so you can easily find it again in its original video. (Video Here)

Draw on Your Videos

And see what others have drawn! You can draw as the video plays or while paused. The drawing will stay there until you clear it, and you can draw again. What’s more? The drawings can be, uploaded to our servers, shared, and replayed again and again by anyone with whom you share them. You can toggle on and off individual users’ drawings or view none of them; it’s up to you. (Video Here)

Play Two Clips at the Same Time

V-Note lets you play two clips side by side whether they’re from different videos or the same one. Visually compare last week’s play to this week’s, or any two instances of your video data, for example. You can adjust the play speed of each clip individually as well as each clip’s volume. (Video Here)

Link Text-Based Documents

Link playbooks, rubrics, scoresheets, etc., to your labeled instances of video. V-Note makes it easy. Just drag and drop instances together to further organize your videos and add extra dimensions to the analysis. (Video Here)

Use Multiple Videos in a Single Project

Add a whole season's worth of games. See your teachers' questioning techniques evolve over many lessons. Auto-sync multiple camera angles to analyze them at the same time in V-Note. (Video Here)

Live Coding as You Record

Whether with our computer-based apps or our iOS® Apps, V-Note lets you live code as you record. This can save you time, as your video is organized as it's recorded. It’s ready to share, analyze further, transcribe, etc.

Automatic Inter-Rater Reliability

V-Note allows you to share and calculate automatically Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR), which is a set of statistics that represents to what extent people agree on what they're seeing in a video. V-Note can calculate: Kohen's Kappa (weighted, unweighted, and quadratic), Fleiss Kappa, and Intraclass Correlation.

Free Upgrades

Whenever a new version of V-Note is released, you will receive that version free.

To Learn More Have a Look at Our User Manual

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* when audio tracks and video tracks are approximately the same duration and were recording in the same space at the same time.

** .wma files are supported only on the Windows version of V-Note.

*** 15 minutes of free storage and unlimited streaming is offered to all our users.