V-Note is Video Analysis Software

V-Note Video Analysis Software helps you get more from your videos through analysis and easy collaboration. V-Note is used by researchers, students, athletes, coaches, doctors, and consumer researchers around the world.

Easy to Use. Starting at Free.

Make Labels for Anything!

Create labels (aka Codes) for all types of events or people: questions, responses, points of interest - whatever!

Generate statistics around these or export raw data.

Press "I" When It's Interesting

See What Others Think

Do Better Research

Learn what colleagues or students see when they watch! Will it be the same or different? How does it change over time?

Work toward shared meanings, definitions, and best practices.

For Training or Research!

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Analyze Your Data OR V-Note Analysis Results Can BE Your data!

Generate all kinds of stats and export raw data. Even auto-calculate Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR).

V-Note Allows Unlimited Analysis on Your Own Computer.

We even offer some collaboration space free; We charge for more

More on Sharing Here

Automatically Transcribe

Keep it all on your own computer

Included Free with V-Note Pro!

and translate too!

V-Note supports Conversation Analysis Standards including Jeffersonian Notation and character width regulation.

The Perfect Combination of Security/Privacy vs. Convenience: Choose Your Priority

  • Keep it all on your computer or share online.
  • Share with thousands or go solo.
  • Install our app for MacOS or Windows or use any browser.
  • Collaborate without uploading any video to V-Note!
  • Video is streamed encrypted
  • Add users to a project by sharing a code or add their username manually
  • Automatically blur faces on any or every part of a video

(More on Security Here)

Versatile for Research and Teaching

Do better research using video! Code and analyze video together

  • Student teachers share their teaching videos with you already coded and annotated with instances linked to a rubric
  • Converge toward shared definitions by easily identifying and comparing instances of video
  • Share with hundreds instantly; they code; you get the data
  • Look at consumer interactions; improve product and sales experience
  • Generate novel models for human interaction and behavior
  • Turn contested spaces into a gold mine for data
  • Relate video clips to images, maps, rubrics, transcripts, drawing, and more
  • Make teaching and training more meaningful by comparing actual examples on video
  • Involve students in your research
  • Learn
  • Grow
  • Converge
  • Collaborate
  • Improve
  • Compare
  • Innovate
  • Do Better Research
  • Get it now!

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V-Note Features

  • Quick Overview of Details

    Use Multiple Timelines to Label Video Segments

    Read more
  • Organize Videos Easily

    Use Automatic Movie Builder to Order and Export Segments as a New Video

    Read more
  • Automatic Synchronizing

    Automatic Synchronization of External Audio and Video

    Read more
  • Compatibility

    Supports Most Common Formats; Mac, Windows, Android, iPad iOS Versions available

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  • Transcribe

    Make and Share Transcriptions Easily. Conversation Analysis (CA) Symbols and Functions Are Also Supported

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  • Share and Compare Thinking

    Find Out What Others See When They Watch the Same Video. Stream and Share Videos and Timelines and Transcripts with Others.

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  • Draw on Your Videos

    And see what others have drawn! You can draw as the video plays or while paused. The drawing will stay there until you clear it

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  • Get Statistics

    Turn your video into statistics of various types. Measure overlap between coders, IRR, game-stats, and more

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