What Can V-Note Do?

V-Note is powerful and flexible. It can be used in many ways:

  • Collaborate around video to improve practice
  • Do video-based qualitative and quantitative research
  • Get statistics from your videos
  • Make player/team histories and highlight videos
  • Analyze players and teams
  • Compare questions asked by student teachers across a semester
  • Compare teaching and teachers
  • Look for growth and change
  • Analyze live while recording or use existing videos
  • Link rubrics, playbooks, or other documents to videos
  • Juxtapose video clips
  • Propose and discuss categories for human behavior and interaction
  • Transcribe easily yourself or automatically (U.S. English Only; Beta Version)
  • And much more
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Video Can Be Richly Detailed, but...

Using video has many advantages. It can capture and provide rich detail like nothing else on: technique, practice, context, comparing and contrasting, and much more. It is particularly good at capturing change and development over time. Whether for research, sports, medicine, teacher training, or legal work, video is a must in today's competitive landscape. Video is not without its problems, however; it can be difficult to work with and analyze. When you have more than just a few minutes, it can be hard to find things - even with notes. Also, video is not persistent; it just keeps on playing and doesn't stick around and let you point at it easily. It can also be hard to share videos and your related insights with others.

Although it's great to capture those magic moments on video, if you can't share them effectively and analyze their meaning, their impact can be reduced or lost.

$9.99/month, or get a forever license, or use a free version with a few limitations.

We have monthly options starting at $9.99, one-time purchases, and special pricing for groups. (Prices)

We even give you one half hour of collaboration space free forever. This space works like a bucket; you can upload a 25 minute video today and share with the whole class, colleagues, or whomever. When you’re finished, you can replace the video. Need more collaboration space? 5 hours to stream and collaborate on starts at just $5 per month.

You can always analyze as much video as you want on your own local storage, if you are not collaborating.

Users can share projects with their classes and teams. Some researchers even publish share codes in journal articles to share raw data and analysis methods with colleagues.

Analyzing together collaboratively is an extremely powerful tool for generating powerful and potentially ground-breaking quantitative and qualitative results.

We offer a free version of V-Note to get you started, as well. Although it does much of what V-Note Pro does, it does not allow for exporting your data or making new videos as well as a few other functions.

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V-Note Helps You and Your Team Unlock the Patterns...

Only V-Note makes it simple to analyze videos and get the most out of them. V-Note Video Analysis Software for MacOS®, Windows®, Android®, iPhone®, and iPad® was designed by educator-researchers at R-1 universities to maximize the benefits of working with video and to overcome the problematic aspects of its use in classes and research. V-Note lets you quickly and easily gain a 'bird's eye view' of your videos.

Imagine seeing and comparing everyone's thoughts around the weakest or best practices or techniques. V-Note's cloud-based sharing also lets you quickly see what other stakeholders see. And by finding patterns together, (take a look at patterns in this teacher's questions or this political debate, for example) V-Note can help foster convergent thinking and higher standards like no other video analysis tool.

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