V-Note for Research

Compare your thinking

Share the original video in the V-Note project with anyone in the world with a passcode.

You can even export as a new video all the questions or every time Sally speaks, for example. Or, rearrange clips of any type in a new order. Show examples of your video data’s categories to colleagues at conferences.

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Export raw data

Code Video as You Record It

Save time. Using our V-Note® iPad® and iPhone® apps, you can add labeled instances to your video even as you record it. Add more labeled instances and notes with our iPad app while relaxing on the couch. Or upload and share projects with others or finish the job on your computer.

Makes Video Analysis Easy!

V-Note Allows You to:

  • Play two clips at a time to compare.
  • Draw on your videos; See what others draw too.
  • Add notes to the labeled instances.
  • Share projects online; Learn how others see things.
  • Add transcripts (with full support for conversation analysis).
  • Sync external audio such as an announcer track.
  • Export raw data to your favorite spreadsheet program.