Did you know that not everyone sees the same thing when they watch a given video?

Where is the best teaching in this video? What part of this surgery needs improvement? Where is the best practice here? What is the weakest point in this play?

Questions like these always elicit very different responses, sometimes as a function of experience and other times due to unclear definitions.

V-Note lets you make these differences visible and work toward convergence toward shared meanings, understandings, and practices.


Imagine Easily Sharing Your Video Analysis

What good is great video analysis if you can't share it? We share pictures all the time in a variety of methods: social media, a wallet size print, and scrolling through them on our phones. Sharing videos, while on social media for videos of more than a few minutes, is more complex.

How can we work together to share focus and analysis on a longer, richer, more nuanced video - video that potentially conveys a lot of valuable information?

V-Note lets you label timelines for every speaker or event type. This makes it easy to point to, annotate, and share parts of the video. Like with a picture, V-Note Video Analysis Software makes it so there is something that sticks around long enough for you to point to and work with.

Once everyone has had a chance to watch and label, you can gain a bird's eye view together of the video and see patterns and groupings around important areas. Just a glance shows how all stakeholders are seeing things. For example, in the picture above, we can see that many people agree in the video where the part was that was the 'Excellent Practice Here.' Just a quick look reveals where, what, and any notes labelers would have made. Just a quick mouse-over a labeled instance shows who made it.

Imagine sharing video analysis projects like that with a whole class or team! Not only can you see what people are thinking, but you can also really work toward a consensus on the best practices or best definitions.

For more details no sharing, check out our user manual:
v-note.org/manuals (pp. 14-16)

V-Note Makes Video Analysis Easy!

  • Reveal What Others Are Seeing (Video)
  • Converge Toward Best Practices (Video)
  • Generate Shared Definitions
  • Share the Work (Video)
  • Propose and Evaluate Models for Human Behavior and Interaction.
  • Get Statistics About How People See Your Video (Video)
  • Turn It All Into Statistical Data (Video)
  • Automatic Inter-Rater Reliability Calculations (Video)
  • Apply and Discuss Conversation Analysis (CA) Standards to Transcripts (Video)