A Word from V-Note’s Founder


Thank for your interest in V-Note Video Annotation Software.

As a doctoral candidate and later as an assistant professor in colleges of education, I found video to be a uniquely rich source of data. Nothing reveals small nuances and details in human interaction like video does, so I used video for my research - dozens of hours of video.

Keeping track of these videos and organizing and sharing my thoughts about them, however, proved a difficult task. Often a program that might well accomplish one task well would leave out others. Moving data and videos between programs - for me usually three or four - was time-consuming and resulted, in many cases, in many hours of conversion work for each video.

That is why I gathered a great team and chose to create V-Note. Our goal was to bring together the important features someone who uses video for their work - someone like yourself - would require and appreciate.

Have a look at our features page to get a sense of all that we offer.

We hope that V-Note’s many features will make your life easier, too!


Brandon R. Emig