About Us

V-Note is developed and run by:

Brandon Emig

As a former science educator and researcher, Brandon has used video extensively in his classrooms and his research. He holds a Doctorate from the Pennsylvania State University and a Masters from the University of Pennsylvania. He created V-Note to make the use of video in research, classrooms, communication, and coaching easier and more fruitful. You may see him representing the company at conferences.

Micheal Menorca

Micheal started with programming on Commodore 64 more than two decades ago and since then software development is his passion. He holds a B.Sc degree in electronics and communications. During that time he has worked on many different projects in roles ranging from programmer to team leader and become addicted to finding simple solutions for complex problems.

Gautam Manohar

Gautam is an IT professional with 7 years experience in various IT technologies and systems. He has been working on Cloud Architectures for last 7 years. His experience covers traditional Rack to Cloud migrations, Network, Security and Scaling. He readily adapts to new technologies, complex architecture bottlenecks and has the ability to solve new tasks never faced before.

Manpreet Kaur Walia

Manpreet is an IT Engineer from Mohali, India. She holds a degree from Delhi Technological University. She is responsible for all creative and design to make website look pretty and user friendly. She enjoys creating clean and professional designs that not only look great, but work well. Outside of work, Manpreet enjoys watching movies and spending time with friends and family. She also has a great love for animals, owning two dogs and a rabbit called Oliver.

Mary Kathryn Malone

As an educator and applied linguist Dr. Malone brings much experience and knowledge of how researchers in linguistics and other academic fields like to work with video and related data. As she uses V-Note in her academic work, Mary Kathryn continues in helping to add new features to V-Note and test them.

Scott McDonald

As a science education researcher and professor, Scott has been innovative in his incorporation of video data into his classes and his research. His advice on how to best allow for immediate collaboration and sharing has been invaluable to the V-Note Project.

Awis Alqarni

Awis has developed our V-Note iPad and iPhone apps. He has been a specialized developer in iOS app development, since the first iOS software development kit was released in 2008. Holding a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, he had gained much experience in developing many end-user apps for start-ups and enterprise.

Emily Rine Butler, Ph.D., Applied Linguistics
Julia Plummer, Ph.D., Science Education
Remi Adam Van Campernole, Ph.D., Applied Linguistics
Moe Mohamed, Former Assistant Defensive Coordinator
Michael Daymon Amory, Ph.D. Candidate, Applied Linguistics
Ahmed Albayoumy, Mechanical Engineer