You may find that V-Note meets your needs completely, and best of all, it's free.

If you should wish to upgrade to V-Note Pro, however, you can do so in two ways: $9.99 per month (cancel anytime), or a one-time purchase of $199.99 (with free upgrades forever). You can find out about the differences here.

We also offer big discounts for groups. Learn more here.

V-Note Versions
  • Free!
  • $ 9.99

    Per Month

    $ 199.99

    Forever with Free Upgrades
    Includes 5 hours free for 1 year!
    A $59.99 value!
    Cancel Anytime
  • $ 1.99

    For iPhone

    $ 9.99

    For iPad
  • Free!

Free and streaming packages recur automatically on your anniversary date unless modified or canceled, which can be done at any time.

Streaming Packages
All Storage Packages Include Unlimited Streaming and Sharing*

30-Day Packages

  • Free!

  • $ 9.99

  • $ 19.99

1 Year Packages

  • Free!

  • $ 59.99*

  • $ 99.99

*Free for 1 year with purchase of pro version of V-Note
Note: A paid streaming package is NOT required to use V-Note. With new pro-version purchases we provide 5 hours free storage for 1 year for sharing your projects. Although it will recurr at $59.99 on your anniversary date, you can modify or change this to a free half hour plan at any time and you can continue to use V-Note with projects on your local storage (hard drive, USB drive, etc.).

Get V-Note Now

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V-Note Pro for Groups by Year/Month

Need V-Note for your group? We offer many options: by the month, by the year, for a few people or for many. V-Note for groups represents substantial savings over purchasing our consumer version, but includes all the same great functionality.

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By the Year

Number of Users 5 10 50 200 Entire Organization
Price $199.99 $299.99 $499.99 $999.99 $1,999.99

The licenses above include 2 hours of collaboration space per user.

Need more space? Make it 10 hours per user for:

Number of Users 5 10 50 200 Entire Organization
Price $399.99 $599.99 $999.99 $1,999.99 $3,999.99

Using V-Note for teacher training ? We'll cover your whole college of education - faculty and students - for only $999.99 (includes 2 hours per user)
Need options not show above? We can do that.
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*Some restrictions apply. Email us for more details. (

By the Month

$89.99 for every 10 users, including 5 hours per user.
Monthly or yearly group V-Note plans can be cancelled at any time. Payment will renew until cancelled. No prorated plans or prorations are available on monthly or yearly plans.

Custom Solutions

Need custom features?
Want to host V-Note's backend on your own servers?
Need a type of license not mentioned here?

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Although we strive to make V-Note easy to use, if you purchase any group package, we will offer various online and in-person training options, starting at free. Email us at to learn more or to schedule a call. We also provide technical support via email free while the group plan is active.