Transcribing Manually Can Be Slow!

Save Time!

Have the computer do the transcribing. With the latest version of V-Note Pro, Just right-click on any segments you’d like to be transcribed and choose “AutoTranscribe.” A few seconds later, you’ll receive your transcripts in V-Note. It even recognizes and labels individual speakers and places timestamps.

Loads of Functionality!

  • Search words, terms, and speaker names
  • Be efficient by just transcribing the segments you need
  • See and analyze how your codes compare with transcripts
  • Export transcripts to other programs or print
  • See them as subtitles while the video plays
  • Generate labeled instances (aka codes) directly from transcripts
  • Supports 71 languages (which ones)

Automatic transcription works best for clear speech such as:

  • Television
  • Formal speeches
  • Teachers
  • Radio
  • Interviews

It works less well for recordings with:

  • Overlapping speech
  • Background noise
  • Unfinished utterances
  • Other types of unclear speech

How Does It Work in the Real World?

Here are some examples:

Results will vary depending on the quality of the audio. Please view the video and begin with one hour of time first to test your data. Purchases of transcription time are not refundable.

Options for Every Budget:

Transcribe (hr) Cost (US$)
1 $9
5 $29
11 $49
100 $329

Get Transcription Time Now*

(*requires V-Note Pro)