V-Note Makes it Easy To:

  • Collaborate Easily and Converge on Best Practices
  • Make Player Histories
  • Annotate
  • Analyze and Get Data and Stats
  • Live Code Your Videos
  • Link Play Books and Other Docs
  • Use Phones, Tablets, and Computers Together
  • Draw
  • Much More…

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V-Note Can Help Your Players Up Their Game

Only V-Note makes it this easy to help your players improve. Collaborate easily toward a shared goal, using video. Show them the way forward with in-context individualized player histories that you can share easily for a game or a whole season. Get stats out of your videos to show improvement and compare.

Nothing is as affordable and as powerful as V-Note.

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Special Pricing for Your Whole Team!
Includes Collaboration Space

Space per person

2 hours - $199.99
10 hours - $399.99
40 hours - $599.99

Package in effect for one year

Making a Player History

V-Note makes it easy to have a history of each player’s moments. From just one game to a whole season, V-Note makes it easy to build player video-portfolios that make it easier to see patterns, show change over time, and improve your game. You can even collaborate by sharing V-Note projects toward a shared vision.

Getting Statistics from Your Videos

From batting averages, to scores, to player performances, and much more, V-Note lets you convert your videos to statistics. You can even do it while watching live and then add it to the video, saving time. Use your computer, Android phone or tablet, or iPhone or iPad.

Our iPad App

Our iPad app lets you code while recording or code afterwards on the couch.

Syncing Multiple Video Angles

If you’ve got multiple camera angles to sync up and analyze, V-Note makes it easy. Using the soundtracks and looking for correlation, V-Note is, in most cases, able to synchronize videos automatically. You can even add as many as your computer can handle playing well – no limits.

Live Coding Videos
Save time! Use our iOS or Android mobile apps or your computer to add notes and codes to your videos while the game’s still going on. Sync it up easily afterwards.

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