Frequently Asked Questions

What is V-Note?

V-Note allows you to collaborate around videos. With it you can: label (code), annotate, organize, transcribe, and share videos easily. Whether for research, sporting events, security, retail, or whatever your video uses, V-Note can make your work with video easier. You can also automatically calculate and export statistics and raw data.

How can I receive technical support?

We provide technical support to all our users via email. If you have a paid group account, we will provide you a phone number and can usually provide service by phone within 2 hours. You can also find our manual here: We also have many tutorial videos here.

What type of Video / Audio equipment does V-Note work with?

V-Note is compatible with most types of video and audio equipment. We support a variety of standards including: MP4, H.264, WMA* (*Windows version only), VP8, WebM, and others. V-Note desktop versions also correct for drift - slight differences in recording speeds between audio and video - while automatically synchronizing audio and video recorded of the same event.

Can I use V-Note without a streaming package?

Yes, you can use V-Note as fully functioning video-coding software (coding/labeling segments, transcribing, movie builder)without any recurring charges. A streaming package allows you to share video with others and to see their additions to the project, such as transcriptions, labeled instances (i.e., codes), and custom movie builds.

Can I share with others from my free account?

You have ½ hour free storage on V-Note’s cloud storage service and you may share your video projects for free with other V-Note users from this free account.

Can I use V-Note to join multiple shared projects?

Yes, you can participate in as many shared projects as you would like.

What happens to videos over the time limit of my online storage?

If a video project longer than ½ hour is uploaded to a free ½ hour storage space, any part after ½ hour will be deleted for storage or sharing. This also applies to other storage amounts. To upload another or a longer video to existing storage, you can purchase more storage or you can delete a video you no longer use.

What happens when I purchase more storage on top of what I already have?

Your first month’s bill will be prorated so that your anniversary dates are the same (either monthly or yearly). The storage you purchase will be added to your current storage total.

For online storage and sharing plans will I be automatically billed?

Yes, V-Note’s cloud storage and sharing service, aside from the free ½ hour, will be automatically billed depending on your selection. You may cancel at anytime and your billing will be stopped.

Can I subscribe to storage and sharing services on an as needed basis?

Yes, you can come and go as you please. Subscribe for a month here or there as needed. However,when your subscription ends, your videos will be erased from our servers.

What happens to my videos if my subscription expires?

If your form of payment changes or expires, we will contact you by email. If it does expire, we will maintain your video projects for 3 days after your paid subscription ends. If you resubscribe during that 3-day period, you will recover your videos as they were.

When I output videos from the movie builder or the movie bin exporter they are in VP8 (aka WebM). Can I change this?

Due to licensing restrictions we must output newly generated videos in the form of WebM. As a commonly supported standard for internet-based video, WebM videos should open in any current web browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, etc). WebM also plays and works in V-Note projects. If you would like to convert these output videos to another format, such as MP4, V-Note ® recommends VLC Player, available for free for Mac OS ® and for Windows ®.

Does V-Note online sharing and storage compress my videos?

V-Note streams video to those with whom you share projects at 720p HD, or if your upload quality is less than that, it will be streamed at its original quality.

Will V-Note synchronize any video and audio files?

V-Note will only synchronize audio and video files that are approximately the same length (+/- 10%), were recorded at the same, and were recording the same event.

What are the minimum specs that my computer should have to work with V-Note?

V-Note recommends a dual-core processor of equal or greater than 1.7 GHz for reliable performance. You may have good performance on machines that do not meet this specification, however. Trying V-Note is a free way to evaluate performance on your machine, as it has much of the same functionality of the V-Note Pro Version.

Is V-Note streaming secure?

Yes. V-Note uses SSL 2 authenticated certificates to exchange data between your computer and our servers. This means that your transmissions and our servers are secure. Your locally stored projects, however, can be viewed by some one with access to your computer. Furthermore, to reduce streaming time, V-Note stores a copy of the video project on your hard drive, these can be viewed by anyone with access to your computer. In short, your locally stored projects, are as safe as your computer is. V-Note recommends password protecting and encrypting any computer with sensitive information on it.

What options do your offer for training and support?

We strive to make V-Note easy to use. In fact, most new users can begin to use the software’s basic functions in just a few minutes. Also, many features and uses are covered in our video tutorials and our manual (both linked to from the intro page of the V-Note program). However, we do offer live training to users with our group accounts. We offer a free online live training up to 3 hours, tailored to your needs or an on-site live training for a small fee. We have some training materials here, if you’d like to arrange your own training session.

What is the difference between the free version and the pro version?

The free version has much of the same functionality as the pro version. It is a great way to experience V-Note to check if it is suitable to your application. In fact, some users can get by completely with it. The free version of V-Note’s limitations include: limit of 5 codes (aka labels) ; no sub-codes; no automatic statistic calculations, no data exporting to other programs, and making new videos from clips is not supported.

How can I cancel / change my V-Note account?

You can cancel or change your V-Note account anytime by logging in here: There you can downgrade your license to regular from Pro, change your collaboration space to more or fewer hours; the half hour option is free. You can also delete your account completely